Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Creative Process?

I have never thought of myself as a creative person - and many of my friends would most likely agree with that ;-) I appreciate Art, Literature, Painting & good Music. I can do interpretations of these things, such as: copying a painting or photo, editing someone's story to improve it, sing a song with pretty darn good pitch - but as for creating, I don't know where to begin. I can't make something out of nothing.

So - this being my long-running mindset, I had a strange experience the other day. My husband is a musician & writes fairly decent songs. Well, he wants me to sing on recordings for some of them. A bit hard, because I learn how to sing by hearing the song sung - it almost has to be recorded already for me to be capable of it. Anyway- he said he wanted me to come up with some harmonies for the song & I just felt paralyzed. I told him that if he came up with them, I could sing them, but that I certainly couldn't come up with anything. Well, after 20 minutes of some friendly bullying, he did get a harmony out of me. But what a draining process. And, I would say he encouraged the notes that came out - I didn't really come up with them on my own. Definitely not 100%.

Later that evening, he played me a new melody for an old song of his & I had a weird sort of intuition that it was just wrong. I hummed how I thought it should go & he agreed and changed it. He basically said, see you can create music. It just takes work.

The thing is - it didn't take any work. It was almost like the tune was out there & I could hear it better than him. At least - if I were some kind of spiritual person, I might believe that... But it didn't feel like it came from me.

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Toad734 said...

On thing that helps with melodies is breaking down the notes being played and just punching in the number of other notes, such as fiths that would work on top. Or just pick up a guitar or keyboard and pick at notes while the song is playing until something sounds good. Or you could also try writing lyrics and then once you have that it may come natural.